Planning For Retirement – Pencil In Health Care Costs

With the constant increase of the high cost of health care retirement planning must include health and medical related expenses. A recent study by the Kaiser Foundation of California estimated that Medicare only covers about 45% of a beneficiary’s total health care costs. This leaves 55% of that ever escalating cost payable by you.Another study from Boston based Fidelity Investments suggested that retirees would need a minimum of $225,000 to cover just the out of pocket medical costs in their later years. This figure did not include over the counter medications, dental procedures or long term care.For many approaching retirement age, these facts have not been planned for and could easily consume a huge percentage of available retirement income. To make matters worse, many financial advisers have lacked the knowledge and understanding of what the high cost of health care can do to a retirement plan.What can those with plenty of time until retirement do to prepare? Health maintenance is vital. Exercise and a healthy diet are essential to your future health costs. Preventative health maintenance is also very important to future health and medical costs.You should also expect and plan for major health related costs. Cancer and heart disease are on the rise and Alzheimer is affecting more and more people before the age of 65 with the vast majority having to live at home. We should also expect the prices of care and treatments today will be vastly greater in the years to come. With double digit increases in many health and medical procedures, extreme higher costs are a given.One simple way to prepare for future health care costs is to carry adequate ife insurance on the primary income earner. Unexpected early death can cause a tremendous financial burden on those left behind who may well have ten, twenty or thirty years remaining before death. Proper life insurance is the one most affordable financial plan every family needs to have in place.Though many medical conditions are on the rise, many of these conditions are rising simply because the population as a whole is growing older and more susceptible to medical hardships. Proper planning is vital to living a long healthy life regardless of the conditions and procedures that are awaiting you in the future.